Emergency Planning and Response

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Contributor Price - $125.00
Non-Contributor Price - $225.00

Emergency planning and response has come to the forefront of our Nations agenda. With the development of the Department of Homeland Security and its threat advisory system, action items have been bestowed upon those who have responsibilities in industry. Maintaining vigilance towards accident prevention is the key to avoiding disaster, however, at the core of every safety program, there is an emergency action plan; the what to do in the event that something happens. The most common and horrific construction accidents will be used as examples to show that the construction industry not only has a legal responsibility towards safety and health, but also a civic duty to maintain our Nation's READINESS!

Do you have an effective emergency planning and response program?

  • Whether you are a large general contractor or a small sub-contractor, you have responsibilities to plan for and respond to emergencies. In this seminar, you will learn about the OSHA requirements for emergency planning and response.

Don't let an emergency situation escalate into a disaster due to a deficiency in your safety program…

  • Learn the basic elements of OSHA's emergency action plan.
  • Become familiar with FEMA's management policies.
  • Understand the construction industry's role in Homeland Security.

Note: Contributor pricing is for any contractor or contractor employee that contributes to the Chicagoland Construction Safety Council with a penny per hour (or more) contribution through the various building trade unions or trade associations in Chicago. These include Bricklayers, Carpenters, Cement Masons, Electricians, Glaziers, Iron Workers, Laborers, Mechanical Contractors (members of MCA), Plasterers, Operating Engineers, Sheet Metal Workers, Teamsters, Technical Engineers, and Tuckpointers.