OSHA #3015 - Trenching and Excavation Hazards

10/01/2018 07:30 AM to 10/03/2018 04:00 PM (US/Central)

Hillside, United States

This course focuses on OSHA standards and on the safety aspects of excavation and trenching. Students are introduced to practical soil mechanics and its relationship to the stability of shored and unshored slopes and walls of excavations. Various types of shoring (wood timbers and hydraulic) are covered. Testing methods are demonstrated and a one-day field exercise is conducted, allowing students to use instruments such as penetrometers, torvane shears, and engineering rods.

*This course was previously known as OSHA #3010

Course Benefits

  • Learn about practical soil mechanics along with its relationship to the stability of shored and unshored slopes and walls of excavations
  • Learn about various types of shoring (wood timbers and hydraulic)
  • Use different testing methods
  • Earn 2.0 CEU or 3.34 CM

Course Topics

  • Excavations
  • Soil classifications
  • Sloping and benching
  • Timber shoring for trenches
  • Aluminum, hydraulic shoring for trenches
  • Alternatives to timber shoring
  • Selection of protective systems

To Register:

  • Register online through the specific course link
  • Download a Course Registration Form (if paying with check or purchase order via mail or fax)
  • Call (800) 656-5317 to register over the phone


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Construction Safety Council
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From 10/01/2018 07:30 AM
To 10/03/2018 04:00 PM


National Safety Education Center

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